4 Reasons Mountain Climbing is the Perfect Business Metaphor

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I took a trip to beautiful Scottsdale Arizona with a few Codis Group business partners for a work conference and it was an incredible learning experience.


The dry desert heat was a nice change from the humid East Coast we were traveling from, and I can honestly say I have never seen cacti that big in my life.

I’m an avid hiker and gym enthusiast, so when we set off as a group to trek the Camelback Mountain (Cholla Trail), I was feeling very confident. HA!


Needless to say, this hike was the hardest I’ve ever done and I couldn’t help but think as I was clutching to slates of rock catching my breath, how this relates so perfectly to the entrepreneurial world. These are my 4 reasons why climbing a mountain is the quintessential metaphor for business.



Is Key

Just like the good ole’ Boy Scouts always say, be prepared. You can’t set out to climb a mountain if you have no map or can’t find the trail. Daily review of where you currently are and goals you need to hit is important to get to where you’d like to be. Having a comprehensible strategic plan in place is imperative for both climbing a mountain and running a business.



The Correct Equipment

To Succeed

Obviously when you’re hiking in 105 degree weather on top of a mountain, you’re going to need a lot of water. Always bring more water and sunscreen than you think you’ll need.

But in addition to that, long term success is found in possessing and maintaining a positive mindset.If you have an optimistic “Never turn back” attitude, that’s your most important piece of equipment for reaching the top.


It’s Not As

Scary As You

Thought It

Would Be

Standing at the foot of a 2,700 foot mountain…it’s pretty intimidating. You have limiting thoughts that creep in and the overwhelming feeling that you’re in over your head.

The same feeling can come along with starting your own business. Maybe you feel like you’re not smart enough or experienced enough to handle your business. But just like that mountain, once you start climbing and making head way, you stop and look around at all of the progress that you’ve made so far and see it’s not that scary at all.

You CAN do this.



Or Bust

While you’re climbing that mountain your breath is labored, your legs are shaky and your hands are dusty from clasping boulders for dear life. You take breaks but you don’t stop because you’ve put too much effort and time into this moment.

Until you’ve hit all of your goals, you don’t leave because you are 100% dedicated.

Summit or Bust.

Celebrate those victories, because there will be another mountain to climb tomorrow.

Here's some other highlights from our trip!

Just a little recap of our adventures in Arizona ?☀️ this past weekend!
We learned a ton and had even more fun! We will surely be back AZ! ?

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