- Since 2018 -

Our focus.

It is not always an easy task, but being a part of a supportive team,
in a professional network, and having dedicated leadership helps with the journey.

We are in an industry that needs growth

A good problem to have

We have clients that want growth

We aim to help them

We have employees that are willing to work for growth

We support and train them how to do it

Our belief.

It is our thought that winning as a team is a lot more satisfying than winning alone. Sharing experiences, celebrating wins TOGETHER, lifting others after setbacks, PUSHING towards goals, feels good.

Social Nature.


We embrace the social nature of life by focusing on PEOPLE and their development, while providing results that will propel us in BUSINESS.

This is the reason Codis Group was started, and how we will grow into the future.

What We Value Most.


Always do the right thing, even when no one is looking

Work Ethic.

Anyone can be amazing if they put effort into it.

Team Work.

It is great to win, but it is greater to win with others.


Is there a better way to achieve one's goals?

We come from all different backgrounds.

All over the place

Our team is made up of individuals with backgrounds ranging from education to engineering, animation to agriculture. We are world travelers, weekend warriors, open-mic heroes, restaurant adventurers, gamers, hikers, self-conscious car singers.

United in goals

We encourage diversity but are united in the fact that we work hard for the things we want, work well in social settings, and have integrity. All of us here at Codis Group believe that anyone can be successful as a member of our team as long as they are willing to learn and grow, and that when we come together, everyone wins.

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Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Policy

One of Codis Group’s fundamental principles is to treat all people – including customers, co-workers and the public at large – with dignity and respect.

This means that Codis Group supports and embraces an environment that is free from all discrimination in the workplace, in its business, or by our vendors. Codis Group is an equal opportunity employer. Our company will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, disability, veteran’s status, pregnancy, genetic information or on any basis prohibited by federal, state or local law.

This policy applies to all aspects of employment with Codis Group, including recruiting, hiring, placement, training, promotion, transfer, discipline, termination, compensation, and benefits. No employee or applicant will suffer reprisals for raising good faith complaints of unlawful employment discrimination.

Codis Group’s anti-discrimination policy is based on our commitment to provide an inclusive workplace that reflects the communities in which we work and live. Our policy of employing people without regard to their differences, giving them all the opportunity to succeed and rewarding them based on their performance is a guiding principle that is central to our ability to service our policyholders and achieve our goals.

It is a reflection of Codis Group’s commitment to strive to do the right thing, always.

Meet the founder.

Martin Chan

Founder + CEO

Martin was born and raised in Arcata, a small town in Northern California. With a love for adventure, he took advantage of work and travel opportunities that allowed him to live in Australia, England, and Japan for extended amounts of time.

Martin Chan, Founder + CEO

Martin's early career focus was on education, gaining a Teaching Credential in English, which took him back to Portland, Oregon. Looking for additional professional opportunities he started working with an outsourced sales and marketing firm that worked with large corporate clients.

As additional markets opened, Martin moved to New Jersey where he learned the necessary skills to manage his own campaign and is now managing as the president of Codis Group, Inc.