#BestLife: Day of Smiles: What It Is and Why We Do It!

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Helping people out is always a phenomenal feeling, but helping change a child’s life is even greater. It is hard to put into words what Day of Smiles means to these children and to the people who volunteer, so let me start by telling you what this great day is all about.

Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that raises money for children born in developing countries with facial deformities such as cleft pallet or cleft lip.

For every $240 raised, this foundation is able to help provide a surgery for a child to fix these deformities that may not have had the opportunity for this surgery otherwise.

Day of Smiles was a three day event that we were apart of that gave us the opportunity to fundraiser for this amazing organization along side many other businesses nationwide. All of the money raised was donated directly to Operation Smile to aid them in funding these surgeries and medical missions all through out the world!

Our fundraising events consisted of some good old-fashioned canning, auctions, raffles, and of course some generous donations from family and friends.

(Thanks Mom!)

We hit some of the busiest areas in New Jersey to talk to some great people to not only raise money for the surgeries, but awareness for the organization as a whole and how we can help improve these situations moving forward.

Local businesses were a huge part, as far as donating time, space for our events, money, and prizes to be raffled.



As mentioned, all proceeds go directly to Operation Smile.

I want to thank our team and all other partners that made these events possible! We did an amazing job not only to raise money for these children, but also to shed some life on situations that are going on elsewhere in the world and how we can impact them.

Now, the tough part, why do we do this and what it means to everyone involved. The money that we raised is going to impact not only the children but their families as well. That money is going to fund over six surgeries that would not have taken place otherwise.  When these deformities are not corrected they can potentially become fatal. Being able to fund a surgery gives a child another chance at life and then it is paired with a whole new perspective.


These children lack confidence in themselves because they see themselves as “different”. Changing that mindset in a child rejuvenates them and they feel like they can take over the world! Seeing their reaction after the surgery is enough for me to go all in, but seeing how thankful their families are for providing this child a second chance is absolutely priceless.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, we are VERY fortunate to have the lives and the opportunities that we have. To us, these great opportunities would go to waste if we weren’t using them to help out others. There are people around the world that need our help and are just searching for a voice to ask for it.

All of us, as volunteers, will be that voice! We will continue to provide funding, support, and recognition to this great organization, Operation Smile, to make sure that we are able to change people’s lives.

To those of you that were part of the team of volunteers, lets start planning for our next event!!

For those of you that feel inspired, please feel free to donate directly through our website

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