Having a Great Attitude & Why it Impacts Our Culture

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What we love about business, is that a wide variety of people can win. If you consider yourself to have an infectious positive attitude that you can apply to all aspects of your life, you may have just stumbled on a gold mine, not real gold, but the next best thing.

Our company’s culture and work environment are built on some simple principles: goal oriented, optimistic, team player and collaborative. Here, we are inspired by the individuals that have big goals and are not afraid to shout them from the rooftops (preferably not our office building’s roof, our landlord does not approve… sorry Steve). Our business is growing, and it will continue to do so as long as we continue to provide an avenue for ambitious individuals to become successful.

Success is not built from one individual working independently. If you look at anyone who has become successful, they surround themselves with a great team. One that will give recognition when a task has been done well and one that will give constructive criticism when there are improvements that can be made.

All too often we, as people, fall into this trap that there is only one correct way to complete a task. What if we took the time to see things from a different perspective?

What if we ACTUALLY listened to the person next to us to see if they can find a more effective solution? Our company culture is built on diversity and differing opinions. We encourage healthy, professional debates on topics so we can collectively come to the best solutions possible.

Problems will always arise but having a diverse team around you makes solving those problems that much easier. As you can imagine, more solutions mean less problems and less problems mean more success (*meant to be read with DJ Khaled’s voice). We embrace others to have their opinions. When you are in a place where you are comfortable enough to speak freely, it just feels good. Energy is contagious and we want to make sure we are spreading as much positive energy as possible.

Ultimately, whatever professional path we chose to take there are somethings that are non-negotiable Integrity, Optimism, Teamwork, and a Positive Attitude. These things will allow anyone to thrive anywhere.

Our culture is centered around exploiting these great characteristics and allowing them to carry individuals onto their next steps. The best part about these things, is that anyone can do them. We simply ask for someone to commit to having an infectious attitude that would allow us to bring out the best in everyone.

We win, plain and simple. Our company is looking to bring on team members that will win alongside us.

Codis Group

Codis Group

At Codis Group we believe that any personal vision of success is achievable, when integrity, a consistent winning attitude, and hard work are combined.

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