Hormones & Opportunity

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Simon Sinek was in a TED Talk speaking to Why Leaders Eat Last. During this, he talks about our body’s natural responses in caveman times, and how that the same physiological responses we had back then still exist today – including the hormones that we emit situationally. 

Oxytocin & Dopamine & Serotonin & Cortisol

Specifically, the chemicals Oxytocin (what has secreted we while building bonds with others), Dopamine (whose effects we feel when we are accomplishing goals), and even Serotonin (used as an alpha or leadership chemical). Together these are considered addicting chemicals that our bodies produce. In some companies, the hormone cortisol is produced – leading to stress – of an environment that is cut-throat – where there isn’t enough opportunity to grow without pushing someone down.

We do not believe in pushing others down. Our core philosophy is that “all ships rise in a rising tide”. For us, this means that there is plenty of opportunities to go around so the cutthroat environment doesn’t exist. We are proud to give opportunities to those who are earning it and we expect those same individuals to help others get there too.

Mistakes Will Be Made

At Codis Group, we understand that mistakes are how most people learn, and we encourage an open and honest policy when discussing actions, both from managers and from the rest of the team.

Mistakes are the best place to learn, and talking about them in groups and building trust releases more oxytocin. creating the team’s sense of love. Our highly effective team communication builds trust within our team as well as within the relationships of our clients.

Our focus has always been on INTEGRITY FIRST which has created a strong foundation that we are proud to grow from.

Codis Group

Codis Group

At Codis Group we believe that any personal vision of success is achievable, when integrity, a consistent winning attitude, and hard work are combined.

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