How to Score a Virtual Interview with Codis!

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So, you landed an interview with Codis Group? Congratulations! We love when we find a potential business partner, and we are excited to get to know you!

If you want the best shot at a final interview, or even a potential job offer, read on for some tips.



Look at the resume you are submitting. Do you see typos? Anything relevant missing? Is it putting your best foot forward?

Most likely, your resume will get you in the door, so how can you make sure you match the expectation?


Self Awareness:

Especially during virtual interviews, make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Just because we can’t see your pants, doesn’t mean we don’t see everything else!

Is your pet going to jump on screen? Is there a distracting or noisy background? Are other people fighting for your attention? Are you walking around your house? Or, are you at a desk or a table where we receive 100% of your attention.

We give our candidates 100% of our attention and appreciate it when its reciprocated.


Time Matters:

We are working from home. This may be obvious, but we are working. We have meetings all day, and if you are late to your interview, you make your interviewer late for a meeting.

Reversely, if you are too early, you may interrupt another meeting occurring over Zoom. Coming to the interview on time helps our HR team prepare you for the interview.



We are a company who is looking to constantly grow and get better. We have multiple points of contact and we are also adjusting to do the virtual world. Please give us honest feedback – it helps our team.

We also look to help other people, so if we receive your feedback to help us, its definitely a positive added to your results!


Have Fun:

After all is done we value members of our team. We are a social team environment, we hit big goals together but we also have fun together.

If you can be professional enough to impress us and relax enough to show us your fun or competitive side, it will give you the best shot at joining our team.

Overall, believe me, we are rooting for you! We want you to have the best possible opportunity and these are some helpful tips to get the interview started on the right foot.

We appreciate you looking into our company and taking time to prepare for your meeting with us, as we have done for you.

Stay safe!

– Melynda, Assistant Manager, Codis Group
Codis Group

Codis Group

At Codis Group we believe that any personal vision of success is achievable, when integrity, a consistent winning attitude, and hard work are combined.

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