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Hopefully, one of the earliest lessons we learn is that if we don’t contribute, we shouldn’t expect anything in return. If we don’t finish the household chores no allowance, no dessert. If we don’t eat well- we become unhealthy. If we don’t do our homework- our grades suffer. Although these previous examples are often experienced when we are young, the principle extends into our personal and professional lives as well: if we do not contribute our faithfulness and our attention, relationships fizzle; if an employee does not earn what they cost a company, the employee is let go.

In the case of the employee, it is the simple principle that underlines any successful business evaluation of their staff. Ultimately it is the abilities of the group that dictates whether a company declines, holds it’s own, or grows. If too may employees drain the business, the business will eventually cease to exist. No bueno– this certainly doesn’t benefit anyone. If there is a mix of some high and low performers that cancel each other out, a few might prosper but the whole of the company stays stagnant. Again, no Bueno! But, what if everyone contributes and is a positive addition to the company? Of course, the company grows and there is more opportunity for everyone, more options to be considered.

This is why it is so important to have standards. We openly talk about our standards so that everyone is on the same page in the company about what it takes to grow. We often compare our company’s culture to that of a family because of how social we are and how we help others as much as possible. But, this isn’t entirely correct because a family loves unconditionally, and if we expect to grow we cannot just have anyone, we have to attract, develop, and retain amazing people! We want to create an All-Star team that will win championships and if we don’t tell our players the rules, we can’t expect them to win.

Luckily, the standards we have revolve around integrity, work ethic, and attitude and we don’t expect anyone to dunk a basketball, shred a guitar, or recite Shakespeare from memory to be a part of our team. But, just as a landlord will require rent, we require that our employees contribute. And we get it that sometimes it takes time and training for someone to get up to speed- we will give the support and training so that someone can quickly contribute.

Hopefully all this communicates that we value employees that can contribute towards a growing business, and the only way to know if someone is adding to a company is by having clear standards. This means that we tend to be transparent, fair, but firm. This means we value honesty over simple kindness- but always emphasizing treating others with respect.

Our All-Star team comes from diverse backgrounds but we all have the same goal of developing the skillsets to win, and to win together, and our standards is the roadmap to the goal.

Codis Group

Codis Group

At Codis Group we believe that any personal vision of success is achievable, when integrity, a consistent winning attitude, and hard work are combined.

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