Change. Impact. Inspire.

Being successful in your career is significant, but being able to be successful AND give back to your community is impactful. Within our company we talk a lot about the investment we make to our team members, but why stop there?

Through multiple philanthropies, we have been able to change, impact and inspire so many lives in various ways. Our team has been coordinating and handling charity events where ALL of the proceeds are donated to the philanthropy.

A common mantra we have as a company is, “why stop there?!”. We encourage team members to associate different charities into our fundraising events in order to impact as many lives as we can.

One organization that we love to work along side:

Their goal is to provide surgeries for children born with cleft pallet and cleft lip that may not be able to afford it. Our goal is to contribute to this amazing cause in multiple ways. In conjunction with other companies in our industry, we hope to raise enough money to be able to sponsor a medical mission and travel with Operation Smile to aid in the process!