World Environment Day

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It is important to keep our environment clean. Why is that important? So as an avid hiker I think keeping the environment clean is vital. Here’s why:

Ever been on a hike before?

The air feels fresh. Trees so green and bright you’d think they could make you blind.

Have you ever seen waterfalls?

It’s an impeccable feeling. Being at the bottom and feeling the cold mist against your skin. Close your eyes and it feels like is just you and the mist.

How about rivers?

Watching the water rush downstream against the rocks, sometimes you see a few fish or a frog leaping across. Spring water so crisp and it is certainly fresher than bottled water.

Ever walk in silence on a hike?

The sounds of the forest are such a delight. Birds chirping of all different types and the leaves rustling against each other.

Ever climbed almost three thousand feet?

You could only believe the view if you saw it from your own eyes. Feels like you could see every mountain across the coast. Being an avid hiker gives me the privilege of enjoying a dose of live “meditation background” if you will.

Yet. None of this is possible if we don’t take care of our planet. None of this can happen if we aren’t conscious of our actions like how often we recycle or if we’re using reusing versus disposable items.


Let all of these experiences happen for generations after us to enjoy.

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